Diversity Speaker Series, December Edition: MIT Diversity Staff

In December, ML Diversity hosted a chat about local diversity with MIT staff at the forefront of this domain:

Abigail Francis, MIT LGBT Services
Aaron Donaghey, MIT Division of Student Life
Monica Orta, MIT Diversity Initiatives

Abigail, Monica, and Aaron spoke about their experiences regarding disability/handicap, race/ethnicity, and LGBTQ issues at MIT. They are participating in next month’s Institute Diversity Summit (http://diversity.mit.edu/news/institute-diversity-summit-2013), and some of their personal stories are on video at http://diversity.mit.edu/people This panel sparked turnout from ML’s own staff and a discussion about what staff can do to encourage tolerance in the workplace.

Note: We couldn’t find a larger picture of Monica, which is why her picture is so small!